Meet Our Vancouver Pitching Startups


The Fundica Roadshow is taking Vancouver in just three short days. See who will be pitching for a chance at the $800,000 equity investment award.


Aisle is an ethical collection of comfortable, design-driven, reusable period care products centered on body positivity, empowerment, and sustainability. A pioneer in the Femtech industry, Aisle products offer superior comfort, quality, and performance.


Open Ocean Robotics produces energy-harvesting, unpersonned, autonomous boats equipped with sensors and cameras to make ocean observations and instantly relay them. We offer a safer, more efficient, and affordable way of collecting data compared to conventional crewed vessels.


Summit Nanotech has created a proprietary process that will isolate lithium ions from solution using nanotechnology to create a valuable, high quality end product (lithium carbonate) that will fulfill society’s increasing desire for lithium-powered electric vehicles, stationary storage, and mobility with devices and


Uctupus offers an innovative and affordable energy distribution system for enhancing thermal comfort and energy efficiency in residential buildings with central Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.


eTreatMD develops apps that turn everyday smartphones into advanced medical imaging devices. Combining imaging with lifestyle and treatment data, we help people battling chronic skin and orthopaedic issues find products, personalized health education, and therapies that work effectively.


Cyberdontics, Inc. automates dental surgery to improve clinical outcomes, the patient experience, and dentistry practice performance.


QiiQ is building a SAAS product to dramatically improve hospital workflow—starting with the Emergency Department. The solution includes a virtual assistant (like Alexa) that helps document patient encounters, simplify and speed communications, and improve other inefficient workflow processes.

playrgg.png is a viral marketing platform for gaming brands & influencers that drives growth and engagement.


SmartShare Solutions offers a cloud-based parking management system that automatically measures parking data and crunches those numbers to show parking usage, efficiency, and analytics in an actionable format.


Cielo Blue Energy Corp. specializes in recycling tire crumb—a hydro-carbon waste—to create a consumable that the oil industry can use to reduce its costs and move more oil.


ThisFish Inc. is a global provider of seafood traceability software that improves business efficiency and increases trust and transparency in seafood supply chains.


Leveraging machine learning, ehsAI converts complex EHS legal documents into compliance action items in seconds.


SensoDrive is a smart platform for managing, maintaining, and sharing the assets of multi-story buildings.


Neuraura will help put an end to brain diseases and the associated stigma by leveraging decades of research and applying leading practices in neuroscience and microfabrication to the challenge of understanding the electrophysiological workings of the brain.


The Discourse is an award-winning, women-led digital news media company reinventing local journalism. Their vision is to leverage technology and growth in audience-pay revenues to provide in-depth journalism to the 190 communities in Canada (and many thousands beyond) that have lost local newspapers.


FTSY—or 'footsy'—is an ecommerce platform that makes it easy to shop online for the best-fitting shoes.


Only three of the incredible startups above will be moving onto our Montreal finale on June 20th. Interested in seeing the final showdown live? Grab your ticket here!

Loic Souetre