Meet Our Toronto Pitching Startups

The Fundica Roadshow is coming to Toronto with the following fifteen startups on May 16th.

CMEOW is an all-in-one mobile app for everyday eats. It is best known as the leader in Asian, on-demand food delivery but offers a variety of other services, including mobile pick-up and pre-paid restaurant reservation booking.

Willful provides simplified, digital, estate planning services, enabling customers to create a will and/or power of attorney by following a clear step-by-step process.

 The AIO Smart Sleeve is a wearable device/platform that provides users with a unique, in depth look at their health. Measured indexes include stress level, overall aerobic capacity, food sensitivities, and more.

Portl Media is a connected network of media and entertainment screens for rideshare vehicles that provides premium content, advertising, and mobile commerce opportunities to a captive audience in a curated, personalized way.

JobAdX is a candidate attraction and engagement platform bringing the best of consumer ad tech to recruitment advertising.

FoodRelay is an on-demand, off-premises cafeteria feeding SMB’s with homemade, fresh, and personalized food.

Mero Technologies is an IoT company providing smart labour allocation and supply utilization to commercial property managers through the tracking of traffic and supply usage patterns in commercial facilities.

Boss Insights' gives private investors and lenders access to greater returns by using artificial intelligence models to accurately predict the future performance of private companies. 

Coinberry is a Canadian, federally-registered cryptocurrency trading platform catering to novice and beginner traders.

Engagement Agents is a SaaS solution that helps retailers maximize and monetize their already-paid-for shopping centers' digital and physical marketing channels to drive impressions, traffic, and sales while saving money, time, and resources.

CoHealth is a mobile platform that makes it easy for health-related organizations to share resources with patients and caregivers and generate meaningful data/insights into those that they serve.

ChargeLab makes point-of-sale software for electric vehicle charging stations, providing smart grid capabilities to buildings, cities, and electric grids.  

FreshSpoke's web and mobile platform makes local food more accessible by providing wholesale buyers with the ability to source directly from local food suppliers and by delivering those supplies to buyers’ doors using the excess capacity that already exists in the commercial delivery system.

InStage is an end-to-end, VR-based solution for developing verbal communication skills that allows users to practice public speaking in a realistic environment and receive useful, data-driven feedback about their performance.

Using augmented reality, TRYON allows customers to try on rings, bracelets, and watches anytime and anywhere with their smartphones.

Three of the companies above will make it to our finale, where they will compete against our Vancouver and Montreal city winners for the chance to receive the $1M equity investment award, provided by Panache Ventures, BCF Ventures, and AngelList syndicate leads.

Loic Souetre