Educate, Inspire, and Fund Entrepreneurs Across Canada

+ What is the Fundica Roadshow?

The Fundica Roadshow is a coast-to-coast pitch competition for Canadian tech startups that educates, inspires, and funds entrepreneurs.

Up to sixteen, pre-selected startups will pitch at our closed city events in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto. Three finalists from each city will move on to our public finale in Montreal, where they will compete for a chance to win the equity investment award.

+ Where does the Fundica Roadshow take place?

The Fundica Roadshow takes place in three major cities across Canada: Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto.

+ Who can attend the city events?

Only pre-selected startups and investors can attend our first three city events.

+ Who can attend the finale?

Everyone! We welcome entrepreneurs, students, name it. The day will be filled with keynotes, panels, and pitches. Come get your fill.

+ Where can I purchase a ticket for the finale?

Tickets will be available on Eventbrite next year.

+ Can I refund my ticket for the finale?

We don't offer refunds on finale tickets; however, if you want to change the name on your Fundica Roadshow ticket, you can do so prior to the finale. For additional ticket-related inquiries, please contact us here.

+ Can I volunteer at the Fundica Roadshow?

We're always looking for people to lend us a hand. If you're interested in volunteering, contact us here.


+ Who is eligible to apply to pitch?

Early-stage, Canadian startups with a technological component and an expected revenue growth of >50%. See our startups page for more details.

+ What are the application deadlines?

The deadlines to apply to pitch are as follows:

Vancouver: March 24th

Montreal: April 14th

Toronto: May 5th

+ Can I pitch at events taking place outside my city?

Yes! We reserve a limited number of spots for startups from out-of-town. This means that if you miss the application deadline for the city closest to you, you can still apply to pitch at our other events. If you're selected to pitch, your airfare is on us!

+ If I am selected to pitch at the Roadshow, how long should my pitch be?

Your pitch should be a maximum of five minutes. If it exceeds this length, you will be cut off. Please tailor your pitch deck accordingly.

Following your pitch, you will have an additional five minutes to answer questions posed by our panel of investors.

+ Who decides if I'm eligible to pitch?

For each city-stop, all eligible applicants will be reviewed by a committee composed of representatives from Panache Ventures, BCF Ventures, Fundica, and select community partners. Their final decisions will be based on a combination of attributes, including market, team, solution, and traction.

+ What other perks are available if I pitch?

In the coming weeks, we'll be announcing our perks as well as details about the equity investment award. Stay tuned!

+ What is the Wild Card Pitch-Off?

The Wild Card is an additional pitch competition hosted at the finale. It is a first-come, first-serve event, open to all tech startups. There are twenty available spots. If you weren't selected to pitch at one of our city events, this is your chance to get onstage.

A panel of judges--seperate from those evaluating the mainstage--will pick one winner. This one winner go on to pitch alongside our pre-selected city finalists, competing for the investment award.


+ Who competes for the final equity investment award?

The three finalists from each of our regional events (that's nine startups in total) will compete for the equity investment award at our finale.

+ What is the value of the final equity investment award?

Our investment partners, Panache Ventures and BCF Ventures, will cumulatively invest up to $800,000 in the winners of the Fundica Roadshow finale.

Winners will receive the investment award only after due diligence.

+ Who decides who receives the final investment award, and how do they make their decision?

Panache Ventures, BCF Ventures, and our other investment partners (listed here) will decide who receives the finale equity investment award. Some years there has been one winner; other years, there has been a tie, in which case the investment award is divided accordingly.

+ As an Investment Award winner, when can I expect to receive funding?

Panache Ventures and BCF Ventures may elect to initiate discussions, carry out due diligence, or invest in investment award winners during or after the Fundica Roadshow.

+ Do I have to relocate if I win the Investment Award?

No. Panache Ventures and BCF Ventures both operate Canada-wide.


+ What constitutes an investor?

In order to be an investor at the Fundica Roadshow, you must be accredited and actively investing in growth-stage tech companies.

+ What will my responsibilities be the day of the Fundica Roadshow?

The day of the event, you will be expected to sit on our judging panel for the duration of the pitches, offering verbal feedback during the 5 minute Q&A periods as well as a final evaluation once all pitches have concluded.

+ I'm interested. How do I become an investor?

Contact our General Manager, Loic Souetre, here.