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Meet & Match with the Best Canadian Tech Startups

We connect investors with Canada’s newest, ground-breaking innovators.



Startup Applicants


 Last year we received an influx of applications from rapidly expanding growth stage startups with strong prospects.


STartups applied to pitch


ATTRACTING MORE Mature companies

Over 50% of our pitch applicants showed early signs of traction and/or had received previous investments


A new wave of deeptech

Over 50 pitch applicants were based in life sciences, biotechnology, defence and security, and aerospace


+ What constitutes an investor?

In order to be an investor at the Fundica Roadshow, you must be accredited and actively investing in growth-stage tech companies.

+ What will my responsibilities be the day of the Fundica Roadshow?

The day of the event, you will be expected to sit on our judging panel for the duration of the pitches, offering verbal feedback during the 5 minute Q&A periods as well as a final evaluation once all pitches have concluded.

+ I'm interested. How do I become an investor?

Contact our General Manager, Loic Souetre, here.