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Show up at the Fundica Roadshow first thing in the morning on June 20th (9:15am) and sign up for the Wildcard Pitch-Off at the registration booth.

  • Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis; so it's important to queue up early. There are only 60 spots available.

  • If you sign up on time, you will be designated a time to pitch.

  • There will be two rounds of pitches. During the first round, you will have 1 minute to pitch, no Q&A. Those who are selected to move onto the second round will have 5 minutes to pitch plus a 3 minute Q&A.

  • Come with a 5-minute pitch deck ready on a USB key. If you move on to the second round of pitches, you will need to present it to the AV booth.

  • One winner will be announced at the end of the pitches (12:40pm)

  • The winner will then be invited to pitch on the main stage later in the afternoon.


+ Can I bring team members/friends/family to the event?


+ Who is judging the Wildcard Pitch-Off?

We are still organizing our judging panel; however, as soon as it is finalized, more details will be available here.

+ How will I know if there's still room for me to participate in the Wildcard Pitch-Off?

You will only know if you present yourself at the venue to register at 9:15am. If there's space, we will assign you a time to pitch right away. If there is no space, we will let you know.

+ What time does the Wildcard Pitch-Off start?

The Wildcard Pitch-Off starts at 9:45am and ends at 12:40pm.

+ Will I be pitching on the main stage?

No. The Wildcard Pitch-Off takes place in Room B. If you win the Wildcard, however, you will have a chance to pitch on the main stage.

+ Can I stay the whole day to listen to the panels and watch the other pitches?

Of course! Whether you make it in the Wildcard Pitch-Off or not, you’re more than welcome to stay! Just be sure to sign up using this link.